An ISIN code is a 12 digit alpha numeric code that’s entire reason for existence is to identify a security. For example, a public company issuing multiple classes of shares may want to obtain an ISIN code for each individual class, as the ISIN helps identify the securities. This also holds true for private companies and funds, where both entities often seek ISIN codes to place on their securities.

ISIN Codes are used worldwide by companies of all types, including European, Asia, South South American, Australian, United States, and Africa. AN ISIN is an integral part for many funds as well. Hedge funds of all type, mutual funds, the popular sub funds and unit trusts and other funds use ISIN codes to identify their securities.

International Securities Identification Number

The word ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number. ISINs are used worldwide by most of the worlds countries and is the only universal code that is used by scores of countries to identify securities.

ISIN Code Breakdown

ISIN codes comprise mainly of three parts, including: • A two letter country code that signifies the country of issue • Alphanumeric code consisting of 9 numbers/letters • One check digit

Who Obtains ISINs

Companies that are private or public obtain ISIN numbers. Additionally, companies issues equity like stock, shares, preferred shares and other equities obtain ISINs. On the flip side, companies issues debt such as notes, bonds and others also get ISIN numbers.

Euroclear and Clearstream

Many companies seek to settle their securities in Europe. If so, companies may obtain a Euroclear ISIN or a Clearstream ISIN code. The Euroclear or Clearstream ISIN code begins with the letters “XS”, or one applies and obtains an XS ISIN number. XS ISINs are only given out to those who apply to Euroclear or Clearstream for their ISIN, as this implies they will Euroclear or Clearstream to settle.

Apply for ISIN

Apply for an ISIN usually entails the company or fund has its prospectus or offering memorandum drafted. This would be needed in order to apply for an ISIN code. The application process is based on one’s locality.

Convert ISIN Code

Seeking to convert an ISIN code to a SEDOL, CUSIP or other number? Email us your codes and we will seek to help convert your ISIN to SEDOL etc.

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